Does billboard advertising work for small businesses? In the simplest of terms, billboards are ideal for small and local businesses. So the short answer is, yes, billboards are effective for local businesses. But wait, is billboard advertising of great value for small and local businesses as it is for prominent brands?

This article walks you through the benefits of billboard advertising for small businesses, best practices, billboard advertising costs, and how billboards can work effectively with other digital marketing techniques.

So, Why Are Billboards Still Effective? 

In a world where digital operations are increasingly dictating our work processes as well as private lives, you may be surprised to learn that billboards are still a good option for local businesses. Let’s reflect on the impact of digital interactions, which have dominated nearly every facet of our lives.

While digital advertising is ideal and still one of the most preferred forms of marketing, the reality is, they’re oversaturated. Don’t get the wrong idea and start overlooking digital marketing for your small business. What we mean is that people are bombarded with banners and pop-up ads appearing all over the internet and on social platforms. In other words, ‘ad-fatigue’ is real. And that is why people are now employing ad-blocker software to block them.

Of course, billboard ads cannot be blocked. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – many studies have continuously shown why billboards are still a great option for advertising.

Benefits of Billboard Advertising for Small Businesses

Small businesses usually operate on tight budgets when it comes to advertising and marketing activities. And the reason is obvious; they may not have the financial prowess to invest enough in marketing processes like other established businesses.

For that reason, small business owners and marketers should capitalize on cost-effective marketing channels. And believe it or not, billboard advertising can be a cost-effective method for local advertising (later in this post, we’ll debunk the myths about billboard advertising costs). That said, here are some benefits of advertising your small business on billboards:

  • Local brand advocates: There’s nothing advantageous like having a local base of loyal customers. They will not only drive repeat business but also spread the word about your business. When these recommendations are displayed on billboards in your area, local consumers are more likely to convert, leading to the growth of your business.
  • Location-based targeting: As a local business, your product or service may not necessarily have a wide appeal or attract interest from the masses. Consequently, it will be helpful if you used local billboard advertising to target specific audiences in your area.
  • Branding your local business: Branding is crucial for customer retention and repeat business. The opportunity of branding for a small business using billboard advertising is enormous. Compared to other marketing channels, billboards are more effective for building brand awareness and broadcasting your local business or product, since they attract more views and are often situated in high-traffic areas.
  • Local collaborations: Partnering with other businesses gives you the opportunity to create relationships with other like-minded local businesses and even their customers. You may collectively host or sponsor local events and cost-effectively use billboards to attract customers. Remember, billboards are also cost-effective for users, since your customers will access them for free – they don’t have to purchase a newspaper or a match ticket to view your ads.

Myths About Billboard Advertising Costs 

You may have heard many myths about out-of-home (OOH) advertising, including billboards being outdated, ineffective, or only meant for big businesses. However, one popular myth among small businesses is that billboard advertising is expensive, and only big brands can foot the costs.

Well, contrary to the notion, the costs of billboard advertising all depend on the size, duration, and, most importantly, the location of placement. If you want to display your billboard in the center of the city, then you may have to dig more into your pocket – the hotter the spot, the higher the cost of the billboard.

Even so, what most people don’t know is that billboard advertising attracts the lowest CPMs compared to other traditional media like TV.

In short, regardless of the size or budget of your business, billboard advertising can be a cost-effective method of marketing in your local area. To demystify the notion further, take a step and consult with a marketing agency specializing in OOH advertising, and you’ll be surprised to find that it’s even more affordable than you thought.

Best Practices for Billboard Advertising 

To make the most out of billboard advertising, consider the following best practices for small businesses:

1. Consider Location 

As a general rule, billboards should be displayed in busy areas. It is no wonder they attract higher views and impressions than other marketing channels. You can always borrow and strategically implement ideas from other industries and businesses, especially from more established brands and thriving industries. Also, you may incorporate the local culture and other practices associated with the area.

2. Create Captivating and Attention-Grabbing Adverts 

Your advertisements should strike out and be attractive enough. There is no compromise on this. If you want people to flock to your business, pay attention to your billboard’s design. They need to be bold and have a compelling message; this could be something like a value proposition or incentives to make your deals irresistible.

3. Capitalize on Commuters 

According to the Arbitron National In-car study report, we spend 20 hours per week traveling around 200 miles. Frankly, that’s a lot of time that an average consumer is exposed to billboards. And remember, these advertisements can’t be blocked like other digital ads. It would be best to take advantage of your local area’s commuters and advertise your business with appropriate and timely billboards.

Integrate Billboard Advertising With Digital Marketing Campaigns 

Billboard advertising should not be seen as a stand-alone channel in your marketing strategy. Consider combining billboard advertising with digital marketing strategies, like social media, to maximize the effectiveness of each. Ideally, having a combined marketing strategy of digital and billboard advertising is highly effective.

For instance, when OOH advertising is combined with SEO, it improves its effectiveness by up to 40%. Furthermore, various case studies have also shown how combining billboard advertising with digital strategies can be effective across different industries. Generally, OOH boosts effectiveness up to 54% on digital marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, when you consider the tips, tricks, and fundamentals, billboard advertising can effectively work for your local business. Do you want more insightful advice about billboard advertising for local businesses? Get in touch with our team of experts and see how we can help!


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