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Foxpoint is a U.S.-based out-of-home advertising company that develops and operates traditional and digital outdoor signage (i.e. – billboards, digital billboards, wallscapes) in the U.S. and Canada.  Formed in 2018, its principals and management are OOH (“Out-of-Home”) industry veterans with a combined 100+ years of experience. Foxpoint’s leadership possesses vast experience navigating the nuances of signage leasing, real estate and entitlements as well as deep relationships with ad-buying agencies. Foxpoint’s formation coincided with emerging OOH opportunities due to shifts in the competitive landscape and regulatory environment. Each year OOH advertising increases its share of the overall advertising market (from TV, radio, print, Internet). 

 Foxpoint builds and manages multiple media types. A diversified media mix is attractive to advertisers and allows them to broadcast in many forms. Increasing the number of digital displays in our prime audience locations is an important element of our organic growth strategy, as digital displays have the potential to attract additional business from both new and existing customers.

We believe digital displays are attractive to our customers because they allow for the development of richer and more visually engaging messages, provide our customers with the flexibility both to target audiences by the time of day and to quickly launch new advertising campaigns, and eliminate or greatly reduce print production and installation costs. In addition, digital displays enable us to run multiple advertisements on each display. Digital billboard displays generate approximately four times more revenue per display on average than traditional static billboard displays.

Digital billboard displays also incur, on average, approximately two to four times more costs, including higher variable costs associated with the increase in revenue than traditional static billboard displays. As a result, digital billboard displays generate higher profits and cash flows than traditional static billboard displays. The majority of our digital billboard displays were converted from traditional static billboard displays.

THE POWER OF FOXPOINT – We are not the biggest OOH company, but we pride ourselves on being the most nimble, creative, and aggressive.
We have media in some of the most sought after markets in the U.S. and continue to strike development agreements for a rapid growth pace

DEEP, RICH RELATIONSHIPS – Our team is our biggest asset. Our top team members have key, and in some cases, exclusive relationships with both buying agencies and brands. We work closely with all ad agencies and all major marketers

KNOWLEDGE OF MARKETS – Foxpoint knows how to sell the value and importance of each market we operate in. We understand the strategy behind successful selling in a competitive marketplace and the importance of giving local brands the same attention as national brands 

DISTRIBUTION/PRODUCTION CHANNELS – Advertiser occupancy will be driven from Foxpoint’s existing distribution and production channels, including our highly experienced in-house sales team. They will conduct direct selling of the proposed inventory to their existing client lists, prospects, as well as brand-direct to ensure top awareness of our offering

UNIQUE PRESENTATIONS – Foxpoint prides itself on being different from the competition. We utilize our in-house branding and creative team to build custom presentations, catering to specific advertisers. We also develop campaign follow-up videos and marketing recap presentations to build strong, lasting relationships 

Jim NeumannOwner/CEO
Alyssa ZawackiReal Estate & Development Manager

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